Green tech finds (10/8/09)

Cars, fuels, and internet-based power management for your home: our green tech finds for the week…

  • Beyond carbon emissions: Clean Production Action and ChemSec have released a new report focused on “the advances that seven electronics companies have made when it comes to eliminating hazardous materials from their products.” (via ZDNet GreenTech Patures)

  • It’s an honor just to be nominated: The LA Auto Show has announced the finalists for its Green Car of the Year Award, which will be presented at the show in December.

  • Khosla talks green tech, investment: Rediff Business features an interview with tech VC extraordinaire Vinod Khosla.

  • Electric concepts from Toyota: In preparation for the Tokyo Auto Show, the Japanese auto firm has rolled out two new greener concept vehicles: an EV, and a “reduced-emissions sports car.”

  • Google PowerMeter Now Available everywhere: The company has announced a partnership with The Energy Detective (TED) that will allow almost anyone (after paying $200 and installation fees) to have direct access to power consumption information. (via EcoGeek and Earth2Tech)

  • Fuel from flushing: Israel’s Applied CleanTech and Massachusetts’ Qteros have announced the joint development of a process to turn sewage sludge into ethanol. (via CNET Green Tech)

  • Two birds, one stone: The Chesapeake Algae Project aims to clean up “dead zones” in the Chesapeake Bay while converting algae to biofuels. (via Blue Living Ideas)

  • Windows 7 a power saver? That’s what the company claims in an interview with eWeek, calling the new operating system “as green as it gets.” (via Greener Computing)

If you’ve found another interesting story about green tech developments, let us know…

Image courtesy of the LA Auto Show