Green tech finds (10/29/09)

Wind-powered techies, energy-capturing pavement, and DIY hybrid electric sports cars… it’s time for your weekly green tech finds.

  • This light rocks: Literally… kinetic energy from rocking the Murakami chair powers an attached OLED lamp. (via Gizmodo)

  • Plug-ins aren’t so weird: CNET editor Martin LaMonica takes note of the strides automakers are taking to make electric vehicles perform in a similar manner to their gas-powered counterparts.

  • Foot traffic power: Pavegen Systems has been testing its kinetic energy-harvesting pavement in London’s West End… more tests scheduled for other parts of the UK next year. (via Inhabitat)

  • Solar trees sprout in Dell’s parking lot: The computer maker has installed a series of Envision Solar‘s “trees” in its parking lot to power its headquarter building… and, in the near future, provide charging power for plug-in vehicles. (via EcoGeek and Jetson Green)

  • Truck fleets want to go green: That the news out from a study by IBM. Between fuel costs, and maybe even increased competition from railroads, fleet owners are putting fuel savings and environmental benefits ahead of brand names in their purchasing decisions. (via Environmental Leader)

  • Illinois tech company 100% wind-powered: Between a 50kW wind turbine and a LEED-certified building, Other World Computing is powering itself… and selling energy back to the grid. (also covered at Green Living Ideas)

  • The DIY hybrid sports car: Junkyard parts + electric drive train = sweet (and cheap) “new” ride.

OK… what else? Share your finds in the comments below…