Green tech finds (10/1/09)

Where do climate change and Sudoku come together? At your weekly green tech finds, of course…

  • What’s the best computer out there for a student in Cambodia? One that sips energy… and the Open Institute has installed 400 such computers for Cambodian students and teachers.

  • Water heats and cools new classroom building: Michigan’s Saginaw Valley State University showed off its new Health and Human Services building yesterday, which features the state’s largest aqua-thermal heating and cooling system.

  • Green Sudoku? GOSUB 60′s new “Sudoku Deluxe Green Edition” (for Blackberry, iPhone, and others) allows players to collect points and use them to plant trees. (via TMCnet Green Technology)

  • Want to see what climate change might look like? Google Earth is launching a new series of layers showing “…potential impacts of climate change on our planet and the solutions for managing it.” See the introductory video (narrated by Al Gore) above. (via EcoGeek)

  • Because everything’s big in Texas: E.ON Climate & Renewables (EC&R) announced the completion of one of the world’s largest wind farms around Roscoe, Texas. (via CNET Green Tech)

  • California mandates cool cars: By 2012, the state has mandates that “vehicle windows must prevent 45 percent of the sun’s total heat-producing energy from entering the interior and the windshield must reject at least 50 percent.” (via Cleantechnica and

  • Got flowing water? Make electricity!: The Hydro-Electric Barrel uses a simple design to make micro-hydro power generation more efficient. (via Blue Living Ideas)

  • Will “radical collaboration” produce the world’s coolest green iPhone app? That’s what 3rdWhale and GenGreen hope as the one-time competitors merge to form GenGreen Digital Media.

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