Green jobs: What if you don't want to weatherize houses?

Most of the discussions you’ve heard about green jobs likely focus on blue-collar positions: just think about how many times the phrase “green collar jobs” is followed by “installing solar panels” and “weatherizing houses.” These are important discussions, no doubt, and organizations like the Apollo Alliance and Green for All deserve credit for bringing these opportunities into the debate over economic recovery.

But what if you’re an engineer, a marketing manager, or an administrative assistant?

It turns out that these positions are also in demand within the green space… even in an economic downturn. Green Dream Jobs, a division of, and Jim Cassio, a green workforce development consultant, have released a data set on the jobs employers in the “green sector” are looking to fill. It turns out that the position titles are pretty similar to what you’d find on and other job sites. Some of these positions include:

  • Project Leader/Manager
  • Account Executive/Manager, Sales
  • Business/Data Analyst
  • Trainer, Training Specialist or Training Coordinator

More obviously “green” job titles include

  • Environmental Educator/Naturalist
  • Sustainability Analyst/Consultant
  • Wind Energy Engineer

The study also took note of locations in which these positions were in demand. Washington, DC, was at the top, and the usual suspects, such as San Francisco, Portland, and Chicago, were up there, but Houston, San Diego, and Philadelphia also made the top twenty.

Looking for a green job? How’s your search going? Let us know what you’ve discovered in the process…

Image credit: at Flickr under a Creative Commons license