Depeche Mode remaining relevant with videos

Depeche Mode “Hole To Feed” from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

Depeche Mode, relics of techno-pop, survivors of the 1980s are still crafting fantastic, and relevant, music. While surfing, of all places, Kanye West’s blog, I came across their video for “Hole To Feed” from their most recent album Sounds of the Universe. It says something that Kanye is citing the band as an inspiration.

The video above is directed by Eric Wareheim, who directed the Major Lazer video I freaked out about a few weeks back. The band is not in the spot. I cannot accurately describe what happens next but do know this: there’s a lot of vulgar make-out sessions! Mustard!

Cap Blackard attempted to describe it:

The video’s main spectacle is an epidemic of heated make-out sessions that spread throughout the concert crowd and beyond.  This isn’t your average music video heavy petting – the song’s suggestively raunchy title “Hole to Feed” translates to some serious, at times even grotesque, displays of french kissing.  It’s hilarious.  What is french kissing?  It’s two people’s taste organs lashing against each other.  It’s ridiculous.  What happens if you take it too far?  What if the people who are french kissing aren’t sexy?  The video upsets preconceived notions and unearths comedy gold.”

This would be a good time to showcase the other videos released from Sounds of the Universe too. The lead single, “Wrong”, is a freakish, uncomfortable thing to watch. Hitchcock meets MTV.

“Peace”, the second single, was political and epic too, but with a feminine spin.