Crazy Vegas billboard

Sometimes what happens in Vegas simply can’t stay in Vegas. While driving through Sin City this past weekend, Lo saw the crazy-ass billboard above — so crazy-ass that she had to pull the car over and take a picture. Now, we’re no prudes. Okay, we’re kinda prudes. But we’re happy to talk openly and honestly about oral sex and anal play and gimp suits in the right situations, in the right context. We expect to be bombarded by cheesy billboards advertising strip clubs when in Vegas, but at least that’s simply truth in advertising. The above ad is for a night club — not a BDSM club, or the He-Man-Woman-Haters-Club, or a club for would-be date rapists — just a night club (MGM’s Studio 54).  So what’s with the extremely passive woman who looks like she’s been Roofied, about to gag on the disco testicle being pushed into her mouth by the dominant man-hand commanding “Take it all in”? There are some things from the 70′s — the original Studio 54′s heyday — which should not be embraced for the sake of marketing or nostalgia. We’ll take hideous bell bottoms over gross sexism any day.


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