Blonde heir – Madonna and Lady Gaga

Unless you have been living under a rock then assuredly you have witnessed the pop culture tipping point and subsequent freaky-deaky takeover of the world by one Miss Lady Gaga. It should be noted that she’s not your typical Madonna-wannabe. She’s the heir apparent.

After a summer of amazing videos (check out Paparazzi to fully appreciate the video artistry), she made her first splash at the VMAs. Had Michael Jackson not died and Kanye West not been an ass, Gaga would have been the most talked about. The show’s host jokingly asked if she were a hermaphrodite. She wore the most ridiculous costumes this side of Cyndi Lauper and Bjork and she channeled Madge and Phantom in equal, ghoulish measure. Oh, and she sang. Yes, Madonna. Britney. Beyonce. She sang.

And then came SNL. Again with the costumes and the (gasp!) singing. And again she presented herself as the new gay icon. Like those past, the Madonnas, the Lizas, the Barbras, she’s not traditionally beautiful. She’s that gay kid’s best friend, the one who danced all night at the club and let you do her make-up. She’s unabashedly gay. No easy feat for a straight woman.

She did a skit with Madonna on SNL. And in 2 minutes my generation’s idol, she of voguing and preaching to papa, was rendered as musically gone as Michael Jackson. And Madonna knew this. It was the passing of the torch. The next chapter. Finally someone as talented, as insane, as intense had staked a claim to the blonde one’s throne. And the manufactured pop stars of the past decade faded away from view. The face of pop is now an odd one with way too much make-up and an unbelievable headpiece.