Beatles, Stones, and Robots?

Culture Now is a newish blog I have been reading for about a year now. It is wonderfully designed and easy to read. The subject matter focuses on art, culture, design, and media. And though music definitely fits snugly under the culture umbrella I was a bit surprised to find an essay on Kraftwerk on Culture Now the other day.

I am glad I did. As someone who loves dance and electronic music, from Donna Summer to Depeche Mode, Human League to The Knife, I have always known about Kraftwerk’s groundbreaking music and how most bands and musicians I adore count them as a great source of inspiration.

The essay, entitled Kraftwerk and the March of Progress, is a brilliant history lesson that runs through Detroit, New York, and England. It recounts the beginnings of Techno and the band’s influence, equal to that of the Stones and the Beatles. Keyboards, however, still don’t get the same respect that guitars do in the mainstream music press.

I rushed to iTunes to grab a few of the albums I do not own and sadly Kraftwerk’s catalog is there only in tiny bits and pieces. All is good though. I guess I will just have to wait until The Catalogue, a new remastered 8-album box set, is released in mid-November.

To hold you over until then, check out this video clip of The Robots. Made in the 70s it is creepy and mesmerizing. And of course, ahead of its time.