Barbie just wants to have fun

Barbie, long a brand that epitomizes wholesome, American values, has switched gears with the announcement of a new line of dolls in the likeness of 1980s pop music icons. Women, who were little girls during that decade of greed and outrageous fashion, assuredly will approve. Gay guys, who secretly worshipped both pop stars and Barbie dolls, will scream like little girls.

The dolls will feature three fashion-forward innovators: Joan Jett, the lesbo rock chick, Debbie Harry, the leader of Blondie, and Cyndi Lauper, the freakish howler with a multi-octave voice. All three women’s styles, and music, define the era of female rebellion. These women paved the way for the likes of Britney Spears and Karen O.

All three also have become champions of gay rights in recent years. It’s not surprising that they made the cut to become dolls. Young girls don’t have a clue about these women. These dolls, unlike most Barbies, won’t be snatched up by little girls. They’ll be collected by gay men who idolized these ladies in childhood and who now respect their political stands. I have mine pre-ordered already.