100 notes on 100 colors in 100 days

Designer Rachel Berger was inspired by Michael Bierut’s 100 Day Workshop at the Yale School of Art. I cannot seem to find any info online about this workshop, but I am assuming it is a challenge to an artist to work 100 days straight with one theme. Berger’s exploration of color and writing and the emotional connection to color is pretty fascinating.

For 100 days straight she randomly chose a paint chip. Inspired by the color’s name and the actual color she then proceeded to write something, anything, inspired by her chip. On Design Observer she recently shared her favorite forty. The recollections are just enough to peak interest, but too little to pull you totally in. Case in point: #84, Straw Hat.

“I think I lived in a room, or maybe a whole apartment, painted this color. Is this the color of Julie’s apartment? My sense of recognition is as strong as my sense of disorientation. I don’t like this color, but I know this color, have awakened to this color, watched the sun crawl over it, nailed a picture hanger into it.”