Time for a global warming wake-up call?

OK, quick quiz…

  1. What’s the status of the ACES bill in Congress?
  2. What’s happening in Copenhagen, Denmark on December 7-18?

If your answer to both questions was “I don’t know” (and “What the hell is ACES?”), you’re probably not alone. Here in the US, climate change and clean energy legislation has taken a back seat to the health care debate. Even as we approach the Copenhagen Summit, where the follow-up to the Kyoto Treaty should be rolled out, much of the world seems to have hit the snooze button on the climate crisis. Global alliance TckTckTck thinks it’s time for a wake-up call…

So, on September 21st, TckTckTck, along with partners Avaaz.org, Oxfam, Greenpeace, and 350.org will bring together thousands of people around the world to deliver that call. According to blogger Richard Graves,

The plans for September 21 events are thrilling in their variety: a gathering in Ethiopia will beat drums to sound the alarm. Monks will chant prayers. And everywhere, from Berlin to Buenos Aires, Avaaz members will gather in peaceful, spontaneous “flash mobs” in public places to sound the alarms on their mobile phones, flood their governments with phone calls urging climate action, and make a tremendous noise. The images, sounds, and videos will be stitched together overnight for presentation to world leaders at the United Nations the next day.

Other events scheduled include a “massive” premier of The Age of Stupid in over 700 theaters worldwide, and a Human Countdown in New York City.

Want to get involved? Find an event near you… or start your own.