The Wizard of Oz at 70

The Wizard of Oz turned seventy this year. The film continues to cast its spell on both children and adults. It has staying power that’s unheard of in Hollywood. And rightfully, in celebration of this big birthday, Netflix will on October 3rd stream the film for free for 24 hours.

In addition to that freebie, those of us in NYC have an added treat. On September 29th the film will be shown in Central Park for free including a live performance of Wizard of Oz songs sung by Jennifer Hudson. J-Hudo singing “Over the Rainbow?” Things don’t get gayer, folks.

Those not in NYC can also get a taste of the magic. On September 23rd the remastered version will screen in 400 theaters across the country and on the 29th that new version hits DVD stores. This story from the LA Times speaks to the love affair with the film. It quotes some interesting Hollywood luminaries’ thoughts on, among other things, the coolness of flying monkeys.