The Gentleman's G-Spot Massager

We Naked Love bloggers are suckers for a decent sex toy, especially if it’s made by Lelo, the Swedish “pleasure objects” company with impeccable taste and an eye for ergonomics. They’ve just come out with a new gizmo for guys — yes, guys — butchly named “Billy.” Apparently, men were enjoying another one of their toys designed for women called the Liv…up their butts. Not its original intention. So Lelo did the right thing and created a similar vibe made specifically for the anatomy of males (and their sensitive little prostate glands) and designed with a “security ring” to keep it from, shall we say, disappearing into they abyss.  Billy is made with FDA-approved and phthalate-free body-safe materials and is rechargeable — how green! Plus, it comes with a user manual and a 1-year warranty — two very rare birds in the sex toy jungle. The Billy is available for sale as of Tuesday on (your friendly neighborhood sex shop should be carrying it soon, too), so gentlemen, start your engines!