Take a bow, or not

As Fashion Week winds down here in the Big Apple and the dust settles many a gay are left talking about what’s happening in fashion. Yes, we gays discuss fashion. I know, shocking.

The press is picking up on a new trend that even I, one of the biggest gays in this oh-so gay town, could not possibly pull off. Bows. Yes, those bows. The ones on Minnie Mouse’s head and your Prom date’s satin pink dress. Those bows.

While Marc Jacobs affixed them to the heads of his models with great success, I am left wondering what in the world the designers at Duckie Brown were thinking. While I loved the muted blues and grays they showed, and really loved the chartreuse and electric blue suede shoes, their shorts-diaper-bow designs look awful on even the hottest of models. While, like Edina Monsoon, I will do most anything in the name of fashion, sometimes you just have to draw a line in the sand. The bow stops here.