Snap your fingers to THE CAT PIANO

The Cat Piano from PRA on Vimeo.

Winner of numerous awards and the latest from an innovative Australian studio, The People’s Republic of Animation, THE CAT PIANO is a beautifully animated short that blends Jack Kerouac-inspired beat poetry with the romantic and haunting poems of Edgar Allen Poe. It is directed by Eddie White and Ari Gibson and smoothly narrated by iconic Australian musician and artist Nick Cave. The film’s graphic 2D look is a highly versatile technique of animation and is quickly becoming a signature style at The People’s Republic of Animation.

In a city of singing cats, a lonely beat poet falls for a beautiful siren. When a mysterious dark figure emerges, kidnapping the town’s singers for his twisted musical plans, the poet must save his muse and put an end to the nefarious tune that threatens to destroy the city.