Save the Ioka Theater

The IOKA, one of New England’s oldest independently owned, privately operated movie theaters could be forced to close its doors this winter after nearly a century of operations due to rising maintenance costs and general economic woes. Provocative and independently minded from it’s first film screening (“Birth of a Nation,” on November 1st, 1915) the IOKA has remained a choice spot for film buffs due to trappings like an old-school carbon rod movie projection system and an original silver backed screen. Its quirky indie film roster includes: “3 Stooges” marathons, Ed Wood films and cartoons before every feature.  Several Exeter, New Hampshire residents have banded together to try and save the IOKA from the developers that wish to turn the property into condos.  They’ve organized a grassroots campaign called “Save the Ioka” and are attempting to raise nearly one million dollars to buy the venue back for the community.  They have pledged to: install a fire safety sprinkler system, continue to show films and evolve the theater into a community center.  If you are inclined to support their cause visit the save the Ioka website where you can donate money and find out more on how to help.