Mexico: A nation of world records

Our neighbor to the south, Mexico, has an unquenchable thirst for world records. The New York Times recently composed this slide show documenting some of their ridiculous feats.

13,000 people dancing in the streets recreating a Michael Jackson video? In Mexico. The world’s largest meatballs and cheesecakes? Baked in Mexico. And the biggest pair of pants ever made? Of course they have a tag stitched inside “made in Mexico.” And while Guinness Book of World Records has been happy to bestow many an honor on the Mexicans, the Times’ writes one such record Guinness opted against. “Michel Lagravere, an 11-year-old bullfighter, had set the record at his age for the most baby bulls killed in a two-hour fight. But Guinness refused to recognize the effort, declaring on its Web site that” they don’t accept awards involving animal cruelty. But those involving stupidity (the world’s largest sandwich?) are obviously allowed.