Madonna's new album – Like a daughter?

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Gays across the globe are anxiously awaiting (yet another) Madonna greatest hits package. The album, Celebration, also features two new songs, one of which, the title track, finds Madge back in the 90s amid a pulsing electro beat created by Paul Oakenfold. Madonna’s an artist who usually collaborates with cutting edge producers so it seems a little odd she’s embracing this sound now. But I guess the 90s are back and I just don’t know about it.

The above video for the song “Celebration” is classic Madonna. Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, who also directed her “Ray of Light,” the video is fast paced and sexy and features a cameo by her daughter Lourdes. The below image, a still from the video shoot, shows Lourdes dressed as a “Like a Virgin” copy of her mother. And even if you think Madonna’s career is fading, the brand will most certainly live on. You can see in Madonna’s daughter’s eyes a hunger to take on the world. That record, assuredly, is not far behind.