Korean Air ad lays it on thick

This ad from Korean Air called “The Color of Perfection” has been around for a while, but it’s making the rounds again on some of the news networks (just accidentally saw it during a commercial break of the awesome “Rachel Maddow Show” after an amateur forwarding maneuver on TiVo). Some have referred to it as “sensory marketing” — with its abstract and elegant shots of the good life (art, perfume, high fashion, champagne) — but we have yet to hear anyone talk of subliminal messaging or heavy sexual undertones. Hello? There is a dude holding a champagne bottle against his junk, which he proceeds to pop open with one hand, the white mist swirling out, while he hands a glass to a woman who very well may be dressed in nothing but fuck-me heels (her legs and feet are the only thing we see). The art is a sculpture of a naked woman, the perfume is applied by a woman in nothing but a towel to her bare skin, the high fashion is a glorified bikini with some poofy frills. It ends with a huge penis of a jet pulling into the gate, followed by gorgeous flight attendants — women only, of course — staring seductively at the camera with big doe eyes, as if to say “Coffee, Tea or Me?” Subtle.