Just got implants? Have we got the bra for you.

There are bras for women with small boobs, bras for women with big boobs, bras for women who don’t want to cover their boobs–and now, finally, someone’s come up with a bra that’s specifically designed for fake boobs.

Yes, though it looks just like any other bra, the Le Mystere No. 9 has been specially created to meet the needs of women who’ve gone through a breast enhancement procedure. What kind of needs are those, you ask? Well, the cups of the No. 9 are rounder, deeper, and more forward (to accommodate the spherical form of the implant); the underwire has a different shape; and the center connector is wider.

And to think, we thought one of the perks of getting implants was that you didn’t need to wear a bra anymore.

Le Mystere No. 9 [lemystere.com, via The Frisky]