How sexy is your city?

Ever wonder how sexy your city is? Well, if you’re based in the UK, you have a chance to find out: UK sex toy retailer LoveHoney has created the UK Sex Map, which uses data on sex-related spending to determine just how sexy different townships are.

For example: the people of red hot Upminster spends 10.8 times the national average on their sex lives overall, with 16.5 times the amount of spending on adult DVDs alone; the cold fish of Ongar clock in at a measly 0.2 times the national average (note to self: cancel romantic getaway to Ongar).

Granted, there’s no proof that there’s a direct relationship between how much you spend on sex and, ahem, how good you are at it, but it’s still interesting to see how the data shakes out. In fact, it’s making us wonder how sexy our own city is…US Sex Map, anyone?

LoveHoney UK Sex Map []

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