Green tech finds (9/3/09)

No need for road rage... just use the GPS...

Avoid road rage, build your own house, and blow up your solar panels… all in this week’s green tech finds.

  • Ethanol from waste gases: Australian company LanzaTech won the Green Technology Innovator of the Year award at the Asia Pacific Industrial Technologies Awards in Singapore for its technology that captures waste gases from steel mills for recycling into ethanol.

  • Build your own green house… Lego style: German company HIB has developed a kit building system that works an awful lot like Legos, and creates a well-insulated, soundproof, and non-toxic frame for almost any style of house. (via Springwise)

  • Another green online degree program: This time its an Associates Degree in Data Center Management that’s been developed jointly by IBM and Omaha, Nebraska’s Metropolitan Community College. (via Data Center Knowledge)

  • GPS + Real-time traffic = four days a year: that’s the amount of time stuck in traffic you can avoid by using a GPS device with real-time traffic updates. This can also cut your driving emissions by 21%, according to a study by data provider NAVTEQ. (via EcoGeek)

  • Kindle may be a greener option for reading: That’s the conclusion of a report from the Cleantech Group, which did a lifecycle analysis of the carbon emissions produced by the manufacturing and use of the reader. Under certain conditions, it is preferable to hard copy books. (via CNET Green)

  • Get a water refill… but only if your bottle’s non-disposable: That the idea behind the Source Water Bottle Dispensing System, a concept by British designer Oliver Craig. The catch: you have to buy a bottle that works with the system… (via Cleantechnica)

  • Inflatable solar panels? Yep…  Studio Formwork‘s SolarSkin concept is designed to simplify the process of adding solar panels to existing buildings. (via Treehugger and ecofriend)

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Image credit: Tony the Misfit at Flickr under a Creative Commons license