Green tech finds (9/17/09)


Things that go “zoom”… plus online tomato swapping, bike power harnessing, and another good reason to upgrade to Snow Leopard. Green tech finds galore…

  • Online vegetable trading: Got more tomatoes from your garden then you could possibly eat? Really want some homegrown watermelon? Veggie Trader is a new site that allow you to “…trade, buy or sell local homegrown produce.” (via Planet Green)

  • EVs hit prime time: Prime time television, that is: Jay Leno plans to host a “Green Car Challenge” regularly on his new show that will feature “…celebrities who will take turns trying to best one another’s track times in a specially prepared Ford Focus-based battery car.” (via

  • Plastics to oil: Envion, Inc., has announced a new technology for extracting oil from waste plastic. Good news on the landfills front… but calling it “sustainable” and “renewable” seems a bit of a stretch…

  • Dates to ethanol: That’s a plan in Iraq to get the agricultural sector back up and running… (via Gas 2.0)

  • Old Ford plant to re-open: But, not as a car manufacturing facility… rather, the shuttered factory in Wixom, Michigan, will produce thin-film solar products. (via EcoGeek)

  • Bike-powered charger: Dahon’s BioLogic FreeCharge, which the company will roll out in 2010, is a gadget that will collect energy from your bicycle, and allow you to use that energy to power/charge other electronic devices. (via Green Living Ideas)

  • Snow Leopard an energy-sipper: Apple’s new operating system uses about 10% less power than previous versions… (via GreenSmith Consulting)

  • Electric cars at Frankfurt: The Frankfurt Auto Show has kicked off, and there are EVs a’plenty. CNET Green gives you an inside look at some of these sweet electric-powered rides…

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Image credits: Apple; jemasmith at Flickr under a Creative Commons license