Brooklyn Book Festival

Without flair or pomp, without digital or electronic exhibitions, without special guest DJ’s or celebrity spokespersons is the very refreshing annual Brooklyn Book Festival. This Sunday Brooklyn Borough Hall will be dedicated to all things literary, all day long. This means lectures, and lots of them, many without visual aids (gasp). The day kicks off with a tribute to John Updike and David Foster Wallace, two titans of American literature who died this past year. Other topics of conversation include Norman Mailer, graphic novels, satire and the allure of those best-selling romance novels. For serious lit geeks there is panel upon panel with topics such as novels with similar themes, like “Out of Step: novels that follow their characters through the cultural enclaves that form, challenge and sometimes dictate their lives.” Ah, bliss. But bookworms know how to kick up their feet and have fun too, as with “Quotables,” in which Troupe actors will recite famous literary quotations in an interactive quiz game, or watch Brigid Hughes (A Public Space) defend her title at the legendary “Name That Author” game.

Other speakers include Paul Auster, A.M. Homes, Thurston Moore, Russell Banks, David Cross, Mary Gaitskill and Jonathan Lethem.