Bloggers as fashion muses

The Wall Street Journal, a paper not necessarily known for its fashion coverage, had an interesting article recently about the influence bloggers now have over big name fashion designers. Where in recent years political bloggers have received more and more credit and credibility for their writings, and audience numbers, style bloggers not so much. Until now.

The article featured Tavi Gevinson a Chicago eighth-grader, who has become muse to the fashion house Rodarte. Rodarte, a duo of sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, became so intrigued with Tavi that they invited her to sit front row at their show this Fashion Week next to the top editors. Of course Gevinson was escorted by her father.

Also featured is a blogger I’ve know for some time, Bryan Boy. Super effeminate and obsessed with handbags the Filipino native has attracted the eye of Marc Jacobs, who’s made a career of packaging and selling obscure fashion trends. Jacobs is so enamored with Bryan that he named a bag after him. Bryan Boy can now die a happy queen.

Sir Paul Smith, if you’re reading this, I too am available to be a muse. Size 38 suit and 9 1/2 shoe, thanks.