Betsey Johnson gets some respect

Betsey Johnson is a fashion designer who’s never quite gotten the credit she deserves. Designing clothes and turning a profit since the 60s, she’s always been a bit too extreme to have become a household name like more mainstream American designers such as Donna Karan and Calvin Klein. As her dreadlocked hair and cartwheels down the runway prove, she’s a bit kooky.

So are her clothes. Having a penchant for animal prints, florals, neon-hued cocktail dresses and the like, she makes clothes for downtown girls. Those who date rockers and can drink you under the table. Sexy and badass.

Opening Ceremony recently collaborated with Johnson pulling 40 of her greatest looks from a back catalog from the 70s and 80s. Betsey Johnson Archive Curated by Opening Ceremony shows her best looks in exacting detail. Opening Ceremony even went as far as having the original fabrics replicated. So they’re vintage without that musky smell.