Answering "who is Barack Obama?"

Yesterday I wrote about some of the absurd signs appearing at anti-Obama gatherings across the country. This week’s New York Magazine takes a more in-depth look at some of the movements, from Tea Parties to birthers, that are collectively forming a movement that is becoming more than just fringe.

The writer, Philip Weiss, described the signs at a recent Scranton rally as “frightening. Obama with a Hitler mustache. Obama morphed to Heath Ledger’s Joker. Obama, Parasite in Chief. Obama the Muslim, Obama the Marxist. Even Obama the Antichrist: Jesus is the Messiah, not Obama.”

And while these images are frightening they’re not nearly as scary as some of the quotes attributed to protestors in the article. Ignorantly one of them claimed “I do not want a president that bows to the king of Saudi Arabia.” Obama may need to start addressing these nuts, even if conventional wisdom is to stay above the fray. By remaining silent Obama could be fueling the fire. And I don’t want a president that bows to Glenn Beck.