Absolutly no label

Absolut has never been a stranger to courting gay dollars. The Swedish vodka maker featured Keith Haring in ads in 1981 long before marketing teams saw dollar signs at Gay Pride rallies. I don’t care for the stuff (strictly a Ketle One drinker here), but I have always admired their ad campaigns and attitude. Very, very gay.

The Moment Blog found out that “in honor of its 25th anniversary, Absolut Vodka will unveil No Label, a limited-edition, label-less and logo-less bottle that will make its global debut (though not in the United States). No Label is part of “In an Absolut World, There Are No Labels,” an ambitious initiative by the vodka manufacturer to question prejudice and established norms of sexual identity.”

This is remarkable for a few reasons to me. The first is just how iconic the bottle has become. Its simple design and shape is instantly recognizable without the bold blue typeface. It will make a charming petal vase. I am also looking forward to their “24-page magazine, in collaboration with Fantastic Man magazine, that will feature personal interviews on the subject of labels and prejudice with London-based creative types.”

Of course the bottle is not available in the US and I will need to have a Londoner friend ship me one. This is a shame since this is a place where such a statement still needs to be made.

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