10 good reasons why women have sex

It seems like everyone right now is talking about that new book Why Women Have Sex, by Cindy Meston and David Buss. Apparently lots of women reported having sex to keep the peace, to stave off boredom, to relieve a headache, or to get their husbands to take out the trash (oh, yeah, and occasionally because they’re in the mood, too). And everyone’s acting like it’s this huge deal that 100% of the women didn’t say that, 100% of the time, they have sex because they’re so turned on they can’t think straight. Sure, sometimes women have sex for fairly unsexy reasons…and sometimes they have sex for more, shall we say, honorable ones — which includes, but isn’t limited to, being so turned on they can’t think straight Here are 10 (and please, add your own reasons in the comments section below!):

  1. Because you’re horny. (Duh.)
  2. Because even if you’re not in the mood, 99.9% of the time you get in the mood once you start.
  3. Because it’s (almost) impossible to argue while having sex.
  4. Because you just received the most amazing 30-minute back-rub and your partner didn’t even try to segue the massage into sex.
  5. Because your partner is hot stuff.
  6. Because you still remember thinking there’s no way this person would ever look twice at you…and then they did.
  7. Because orgasms are an excellent stress reliever.
  8. Because you’ve got a partner who makes sure you always orgasm first, who doesn’t expect it to happen from intercourse, and who doesn’t immediately roll over after he’s spent.
  9. Because your neighbors are really annoying and you want to do it loudly to remind them that you have a better sex life than they do.
  10. Because sex with someone you love is (to paraphrase one-time Quaker Oats spokesman Wilford Brimley) the right thing to do and a tasty way to do it.