10 alternatives to an online dating profile pic

photo via boingboing

A foodie friend of boingboing is so proud of his well-stocked, well-labeled, spotless refrigerator that he uses a photo of its interior instead of a headshot on online dating sites, and emails the pic to women he’s wooing. Leaving aside the fact that a tub of pork fat immediately limits your dating pool (though maybe that’s the point), we kind of like his approach: After all, women — and some men, but, let’s be honest here, mostly women — are always saying, especially on online dating sites, how they value humor/smarts/kindness over a man’s looks. If a photo of your fridge is likely to send potential dates running for the hills, here are ten otheralternatives to the profile photo. We can’t promise any will actually work, though we’d like to think that we live in the kind of world where they would:

  1. Okay, so a photo of your dog is the ultimate cheesy maneuver. But a photo of your dog dressed as a cop for Halloween?Genius.
  2. You geeking out at your junior high prom in a powder blue tux. Because everyone knows that a nerd in recovery = serious boyfriend material.
  3. A photo of unnecessary quotation marks that you snapped somewhere in your neighborhood (like at your local “historic” diner).
  4. Or perhaps a photo of your own version of the Chocolate Chip Muffin Fail. However, we recommend saving your awkward boner pic for at least the fourth date.
  5. How about a pic of your bookshelves? Bonus points for titles that are wittily juxtaposed.
  6. A screenshot of your favorite playlist, for all the music snobs out there.
  7. A photo of your cat (Halloween costume or stuff on your cat optional). Because it takes balls for a straight man to profess his affection for his feline friend, and we like balls.
  8. A scanned page out of your third grade diary.
  9. A handwritten testimonial from your mom, assuming she actually likes you.
  10. A screenshot of your latest bank statement. Kidding. But you try coming up with ten of these things. And whoever heard of a list of 9?