WTF: Potbellies on dudes are now officially hot

photo by Vee Dub

Oh, it’s so unfair! We women are held to ridiculous American Apparel size-0 standards (yes, mostly self-imposed, but the media practically makes us do it!), while men get to eat what they want, become chubby, and are still considered cute and even sexy (e.g. Seth Rogen, Zach Galifianakis, Tobey Maguire). To make matters worse, the NYTimes Styles section on Wednesday embraced potbellies on guys in Williamsburg as a hot, new trend — an ironic reaction to metrosexuality and “manscaping.” In other words, beer guts — but only on guys — are now stylish. (Salon’s Broadsheet does a nice job of poo-poo-ing this particular piece of doo-doo.) A photographer’s work in the 2009 Vice Magazine Photo Exhibition in London seems to be taking this kind of absurd double standard to the extreme, with sexualized images of fat men in their underwear. Bitch Buzz called them “a big old middle-finger up to the predictably boob-heavy offerings of the exhibition.” But there’s a part of us deep down that worries this could be the future of what is considered passably hot for dudes, while we women will continue to beat ourselves up over the ice cream cone we so selfishly ate that hot summer day.