The Museum of Broken Relationships

You know that soft, worn, concert t-shirt you’ve been holding onto that was left behind by that asshole who broke your heart with a meat cleaver? Well, now you have a chance to get rid of it once and for all, to make a clean break — and the best thing about it is that it will be in the name of art! The Museum of Broken Relationships collects the leftovers of relationships gone wrong, items loaded with the memories and significance and sadness of their previous (anonymous) owners: fuzzy handcuffs…a wedding dress…an, um, axe. Founded in Croatia and currently touring the world, the Museum is scheduled to return to North America in the summer of 2010 (potential stops include St. Louis, MI, Providence, RI, and Toronto, Canada). That gives you a year to wean yourself off that T for good, since the collection picks up new items wherever it goes. But if you’re desperate for an emotional cleansing (and a cool art project) sooner than that, you can download the donation form, which includes a field for the story behind your item, and send it overseas to Croatia. Below is the story behind the little bear above:

Zagreb, Croatia
“I love you” – WHAT A LIE! LIES, DAMN LIES! Yes, it’s like that when you are young, naïve and in love. And you don’t realize your boyfriend started dating you just because he wanted to take you to bed! I got this teddy bear for Valentine’s. He survived on top of my closet in a plastic bag, because it wasn’t him who hurt me, but the idiot who left him behind.