Sunday nights with Don Draper

A scene from the first of episode of season 3

After waiting ten months to see their witheringly cynical faces again, MAD MEN is back in all its wife cheating, sharp suit wearing, cocktail sipping glory. To amp up for the premier of season three, AMC sponsored a variety of Mad Men themed happenings around NYC last week, like free fedoras at Friday night’s Met’s game, old timey cocktails at the Hilton (which any good bar should be able to make, Mad Men fever or not) and the costume contest prior to the Times Square screening last night. Going to Times Square, especially in costume, has never been my idea of a fun night out, so instead of sweating side by side with strangers on another sweltering summer night, I was perfectly content to watch the first episode of season three on my couch.

Don is, I think, trying to be a better husband to his pregnant wife, but he still has no qualms about sleeping around, this time with a blonde stewardess on a business trip. While on the same trip, Salvatore is caught with his pants down in his room with a half naked bell hop. Back at home base the British addition to Sterling Cooper pits Campbell and Cosgrove against each other by promoting them both to Head of Accounts and watching them try to best each other. Campbell is whiney as ever, Joan Holloway has packed on a few, and Peggy Olson is still a steadfast prude. All in all, business as usual, but better. Now that the show is in its third season we can expect the writers to peel back the veneer just a little bit more.

The cast and crew are keeping their lips sealed about the season, but you can still catch a scene from next week’s episode, featuring the always incredible Embeth Davidtz.