Rediscovering Neneh Cherry

Andreas Kleerup’s just released eponymous album is remarkable. He out-Röyksopps Röyksopp on the release, which features haunting and bubbling synths and those emotional, yet detached, Swedish ingénue voices: Robyn, Titiyo, and, surprisingly, Neneh Cherry.

While Kleerup’s album is definitely worth checking out, it was the rediscovery of Ms. Cherry that’s made my month. She was supposed to have been a bigger pop star and sustained a career longer than what actually happened. The music buying public was short changed. Having worked with Massive Attack and The The and then having graced the cover of Rolling Stone and scoring huge pop hits, Cherry left the spotlight of fame without any flash. Which was not her style.

Listening to her three albums now -Raw Like Sushi, Homebrew, Man- is a real revelation. She goes from pop-rap (“Buffalo Stance”) to college rock (“Trout” with Michael Stipe) to electro-ballads (“Move With Me”). She covers Marvin Gaye in a unique and successful way. And the albums are smart. Moody. Ahead of their time.

Kleerup’s “Forever,” which feature Ms. Cherry, is his album’s stand out track. Hopefully, the response to it will motivate her to create an album’s worth of new material.