Plastiki + Earthship = Landlord Independent

But will it float...?

David de Rothschild’s Plastiki is a seaworthy boat made from reclaimed plastic bottles. Michael Reynolds’ Earthships (the subject of the documentary GARBAGE WARRIOR) are homes built from reclaimed materials, and designed to provide basic needs for the homeowner: energy, food, water, and waste disposal. Put the two together, and you get the Landlord Independent, a work-in-progress by Providence, Rhode Island-based artists and activists Dan Gladstone and Zachary Weindel.

Their idea: a boat designed as “an open biodome,” or a “micro-continent,” according to Weindel. The Landlord Independent currently isn’t much more than a giant raft (made mostly from found and reused materials), but Gladstone and Weindel envision both energy and food production (including animals and gardens) onboard. Besides a concept of more sustainable living, the two young artists see “seasteading” as a way to free themselves from “…leases and rents, mortgages and taxes, electric bills and grocery-store visits.” Eventually, they’d love to build seafaring communities around the concept.

Nuts? Revolutionary? Something in between? You make the call…

via The Providence Journal and The Providence Phoenix

Image credit: Dominic’s pics at Flickr under a Creative Commons license