Pedro's dinner with Julia

Photographer Pedro E. Guerrero shares with The New York Times’ food blog, Bitten his experience photographing Julia Child’s kitchen for the readers of House and Garden in the fall of 1962. After capturing a kitchen which was “was impeccable, despite a profusion of pots and pans worthy of a department store,” Guerrero recounts his initial (mistaken) judgement of the post photo-session meal Julia cooked.

I was looking forward to dinner. But my heart sank when Julia produced what looked suspiciously like a chicken. I sipped my wine and cursed my luck. This was even worse than the time my father-in-law, a cattle rancher, had promised me a special meal and then treated me to roast pheasant. Here I was, at the table of the most famous cook in America, a woman who I was confident had a gift for pork chops, a way with lamb, a talent for steak, and on this night of all nights she had decided to cook poulet.

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