New product: Trojan Ecstasy condoms

Since we were extolling the virtues of condoms the other day (in light of all the withdrawal hub-bub), we wanted to talk about a new brand on the market. While we often automatically dismiss Trojans as your basic, quintessential (i.e. unexciting) condom, they’ve actually been making real efforts to compete with some of the more revolutionary fits, textures and shapes available today. So we asked Condomania’s CEO, Adam Glickman, what was up with their most recent make, Trojan Ecstasy (we pulled some strings — click here for a special discount link):

When did the Trojan Ecstasy line hit the market?
Just in the past few months.

Is it designed to feel better for him or for her, or both?
They are designed to feel better for both men and women, although the big benefit really does come for the guys.

How does it work?
As you can see by the shape, the condoms significantly flair out about 1/3rd up the shaft of the condom.  The loose fit continues all the way to the top. This design allows for a much more natural-feeling experience due to the loose, moving latex that surrounds most of the erect penis.  The looser fit enables the nerve endings to stay more receptive to sensation, especially with the addition of the high grade silicone lubricant inside the condom that both provides that familiar wet feeling and keeps the latex from sticking to the skin of the penis.

What’s the lubricant used in them?
The lubricant for all three Trojan Ecstasy condoms is a high grade silicone, no spermicide.

What’s the difference between the three versions: the Magnum, Her Pleasure, and Intense Ribbed?
Both the Magnum (for larger guys) and Her Pleasure feature prominent ribbing at the base of the condoms to increase vaginal and clitoral stimulation.  The Intense Ribbed also feature ribbing at the base, but this rubber also has deep ribbing along most of the shaft for extra texture and sensation.

We’re still unsure what the difference is between the Magnum and Her Pleasure; the descriptive text you have on your site is the same for all three. So, come on, tell us honestly, is there really any difference between the Magnum and Her Pleasure, or is it purely a marketing gimmick — one to appeal to guys who like to think they’re well hung, and the other to appeal to sensitive men who care about their partner’s pleasure (or women who actually buy condoms for themselves)? They look exactly the same!
As far as we can tell, at this point in time there really is no difference between the Her Pleasure Ecstasy and the Magnum Ecstasy.  While that may change in the future, I believe the different boxes and brands are just a more efficient way to reach different market segments with the same condom.  Due to the oversized shape, the Magnum Ecstasy will definitely accommodate the larger guys out there without a problem.  Thanks to the standard sized shaft below the flair, average sized guys will find that both condoms stay securely in place.

How does it compare to the innovative-shape forerunners, Pleasure Plus and Inspiral?
It’s too early to tell for sure if the Trojan Ecstasy line will dethrone condom heavyweights such as Pleasure Plus and Inspiral, but we do like their chances!

Could you cut us a break on the Trojans?
Sure: 25% off all Trojan condoms just for your readers.