MRI sex

Improbable Research is an organization which collects (and sometimes conducts) improbable research (i.e. “research that makes people laugh and then think”), publishes a magazine called the Annals of Improbable Research, and administers the Ig Nobel Prizes. These mock Nobels are held once a year in a fun, goofy ceremony to honor the most unusual recent scientific research out there. For example, last year, the prize for chemistry was given to the team who discovered that Coca-Cola is an effective spermicide (please, don’t get any ideas people). Another big winner of years past was the scientist who recorded the first case of homosexual necrophilia in a duck. Then there’s Pek Van Andel, who won the 1999 prize in medicine for a report published in the British Medical Journal on the world’s first MRI images of a couple’s sexual organs during actual intercourse. Well, Van Andel turned those images into a video, which is just now available online for the first time. Enjoy.