Iconic gay film roles: After Elton's list

Since Sundance Channel shows so many GLBT-themed films, I’d be remiss to not point out After Elton’s recent list of iconic gay movie roles. They based their inclusions on cultural significance and cultural impact, spotlighting “10 performances that we believe changed the popular perception of gay men in some important ways.” The list is thorough and thoughtful.

Obvious mentions like Tom Hanks in PHILADELPHIA and Heath Ledger in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN are included. But it’s the more obscure inclusions that have me rushing to my change up my Netflix queue. Those mentions include Daniel Day-Lewis & Gordon Warnecke in 1985′s MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE and Colin Farrell in A HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD.

But it is Bruce Davison’s turn in LONGTIME COMPANION that I find the most compelling. Released in 1990 it was still ahead of its time and the actor rightfully deserved his Oscar nod.