Have New Yorkers forgotten what fresh food tastes like?

When the Founding Fathers first tasted the fruit America had to offer they almost couldn’t stand it, the flavors were so intense. It’s almost impossible for New Yorkers to find fruit like that now. Yes, there are some good farmer’s markets, but one of the problems with farmer’s markets is that the farmers themselves have to trek out to the city and spend an entire day at a market stall when they could be back on their farm.

This is what the New Amsterdam Market seeks to rectify. “New Amsterdam Market is different from a farmer’s market because it will house purveyors who source and sell products on behalf of producers.” So farmers can do  what they do best and leave the selling to someone else. New Amsterdam Market is still raising funds to establish a permanent monthly location where people will have access to farm fresh produce, cheese, bread, meat, honey, and other goods. And better than a farmer’s market, the variety of the New Amsterdam Market is exquisite. My hope is that once the market is established it becomes popular enough to warrant better hours – daily instead of monthly.

Support the noble venture on Sept. 13 as part of the Henry Hudson Quadricentennial. To keep abreast of the latest market news, sign up for the mailing list.