Green tech finds (8/6/09)

Green tech galore… here are this week’s finds.

  • Smart car charging comes to San Diego: If you envision freeloading friends trying to charge their cars up at your place in the future, fear not: as a part of its testing of car-charging stations, San Diego will have participants use a Plug Smart “intelligent charger” that makes sure the drivers get the bill for the electricity.

  • Package delivery by UrbanMole: Both Fed-Ex and UPS (among others) are doing there best to green up their operations. Designer Phillip Hermes’ UrbanMole concept would take the trucks off of the street completely with a “capsule-like device … that travels through an underground pipe network that transports packages of all stripes.” (via Cleantechnica)

  • Contort your bike: 24-year-old Royal College of Art student Dominic Hargreaves has designed the Contortionist folding bike, which “collapses sleekly into the circumference of its wheels” for easy carrying. (via Treehugger)

  • New energy technology for old books: An expansion of the Research and Collections Preservation Consortium at Princeton University, which preserves old and rare books from Princeton, Columbia University, and the New York Public Library, is partially powered by solar panels. (via Huffington Post)

  • Lamborghini going hybrid: The Italian car maker has plans for a hybrid Gallardo by 2015. Don’t get too excited though: according to Autoblog Green, the car makers thinking about a system in which “a small electric motor would be used solely to get the car moving at low speeds, after which either the expected V10 or V12 engine would kick the fun into high gear.”

  • The next-generation moped: Hard to know what else to call the Goblin Aero… but at 150 mpg, who cares… (via Gas 2.0)

  • Tagging your trash: That’s what researchers at MIT are planning as part of the Trash Track Project. Using “smart tags,” researchers plan to track trash to find out where it goes, and use this information as a way to better inform consumers about the lifecycle of their garbage. (via Green Living Ideas)

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