Green tech finds (8/20/09)

From recycled plastic plywood to giraffe poop in your tank, it’s a green tech-a-palooza… here are this week’s finds:

  • Don’t have an iPhone? Not to worry… 3rdWhale’s comprehensive green information app is now available for open-source mobile platform Android, and a Blackberry Storm version is on the way.

  • Don’t want an iPhone? Samsung’s new Reclaim boasts a casing made from 40% bioplastic, outer packaging made from 70% recycled materials, very few nasty chemicals, and a very efficient charger.

  • Idle computers fight climate change: That’s Intel’s plan with its new Progress Thru Processors Facebook app. Users can “donate” computing power to projects such as (via Cleantechnica)

  • Poop to power: Researchers at Tulane University are sifting through feces from animals at New Orleans’ Audubon Zoo to find bacteria that covert cellulose to butanol (a more promising biofuel than ethanol). Giraffe poop is apparently really good stuff in this regard… (via EcoGeek)

  • Fish to power: California-based LiveFuels, Inc., wants to make biofuels from algae-fed fish. Is that ethical? (via Gas 2.o and

  • A more energy-efficient internet? Researchers at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Akami are working on an Internet routing algorithm that could not only save electricity costs for data centers, but even, in best-case scenarios, cut energy usage by 40%. (via CNET Green Tech)

  • Micro-level carbon capture: Scientists at Great Britain’s University of Southampton have stumbled upon a molecule that pulls CO2 out of the air.

  • A recycling game-changer? 2K Manufacturing has opened a factory in Luton, England, that can turn mixed plastic wastes (and even dirty plastics) into a plywood substitute. (via earth2tech)

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Image credits: Sprint Image Gallery; wwarby at Flickr under a Creative Commons license