Gil Scott-Heron's "Whitey on the Moon"

A friend of mine recently posted this sharp and witty poem on his blog in between his busy days working on his MD/PhD in biomolecular chemistry. Like him, I was surprised by my unfamiliarity with what Slate called “one of the one of the finest, funniest protests ever recorded.”

Although a protest song with a poetic cadence from 1970, I can’t help but think that in someway Gil Scott-Heron’s “Whitey on the Moon” still resonates today in light of the current heated town hall “discussions” over health care reforms, as well as the celebration last month of the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon:

I can’t pay no doctor’s bill
But Whitey’s on the moon
Ten years now I’ll be paying still
While Whitey’s on the moon

However one feels about President Obama or the health care reform issue, what is irrefutable is that Scott-Heron’s lament is still uttered by many Americans 39 years later.