G.I. Joe characters brought out of the closet

Many thirtysomething men are anxiously awaiting today’s release of GI JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA. We grew up in the 80s, obsessed with the action figures, and the film offers another chance to feel young again.

While GI JOE is a macho Hollywood film, the toys themselves were always a bit homo. Think about it. Action figures? Butch word for dolls. And when your bad guys include a British tranny in leather, a man in a silver mask, a pair of muscled twins, and a guy who wears lots of eye shadow, you know there is a homosexual subplot. Heck, GI Joe may have helped make me gay!

The testosterone soaked Gunaxin blog has a run down of the top ten bad guys in GI Joe. (Ed: the guys at Cracked recently ran a related and hilarious list themselves.) I’m just glad even this straight guy sees the gayness, fruitcake.

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