Fill your water bottle on the go: TapIt

Bottled water contributes to a host of environmental challenges — you know that. But, let’s face it — bottled water is also incredibly convenient, especially if you’re on the go a lot. A refillable bottle is environmentally preferable, but if you’re out and about, and run out of water, you may also find yourself out of luck in terms of refilling it.

Enter TapIt, a start-up aimed at giving tap water a leg up in the convenience competition. Founded in 2008 in New York, TapIt is creating a network of cafes and eateries that will allow you to come in and refill your bottle. You can find participating locations online, or through an iPhone app, and even get information on the kind of water and service available: Brooklyn’s Atlas Cafe, for instance, offers chilled tap water from a self-serve soda fountain.

TapIt’s young, so its network is small at this point: it’s mainly focused on NYC, though they’ve just added Orlando, Florida into the mix. The long-term plan involves a nationwide network. With benefits for consumers (free available water), businesses (increased foot traffic), and the environment, it’s hard to imagine that this won’t catch on.

via Springwise