Farmers' marketing and markets

Living in both San Francisco and New York the past decade has allowed me to take advantage of some fantastic farmers’ markets. So it came as a surprise for me to learn that only 1%  of the total food produced in the U.S. comes from farmers’ markets. (Perrin seemed just as confounded in her post about the New Amsterdam Market.) Why aren’t more people enjoying these bounties?

The folks at Good Magazine are asking the same question and have partnered with The Architect’s Newspaper, The Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, and The Los Angeles Good Food Network to create ways to help.  The resulting challenge, Project: Redesign Your Farmers’ Market, seeks to better the reach of farmer’s markets through design.  They’ve asked designers to “design a new venue, product, distribution method, or marketing mechanism that increases both financial returns to farmers and access to healthy foods for consumers of all scales—from the home cook to food service chefs. Innovations should help small family farmers bring good food to market and/or provide consumers access to good food.”

I love the impact design can have on the world. And I love organic vegetables. Call this one a win-win situation.