Eating Los Angeles

Don’t call it a roach coach – LA’s taco trucks are better than ever

The economy has been very democratic this year in that it has made businesses at every level suffer, and the restaurant biz is no exception. From coffee shops to four star affairs, the life span of restaurants has been as tenuous as the Dow. Perhaps the best example of this flux can be seen in Los Angeles “which saw both the grandest restaurant openings in decades and the rise of the pedal-powered pushcart,” and there to eat it all is Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer and critic Jonathan Gold.

What are his predictions for the future of the restaurant? “Luxury for the sake of luxury seems almost vulgar now — you’re probably not going to see a padded footstool for your purse again. This year especially, an essential L.A. restaurant may not even be a restaurant at all — it may be a tweet telling you which street corner to hang around at, or a cart parked in the same location from the hours of 11 to 2.”

Is this the dawn of guerilla cuisine? Gold thinks so, but eat for yourself at one of his picks fort the LA Weekly‘s annual 99 essential LA restaurants.