Culture wars: The New York Post vs. the Standard Hotel

The end of August is always a slow season for news–and nowhere is that more evident than in the New York Post’s extensive coverage of the Chelsea Standard Hotel “controversy.”

This past Monday, the Post ran a story on a recently discovered feature of New York’s newly opened High Line park. In addition to offering stunning views of the waterfront, the park also offers a view of the Standard Hotel–and the amorous action going on behind the hotel’s floor to ceiling windows.

A worthy story indeed (particularly for parents who might not want to expose their children to such a sight)–but the Post didn’t stop there. On Tuesday, the paper returned with a follow up story discussing the eager peepers who head to the park to check out the Standard; on Wednesday, they fleshed things out with a penetrating look at the hotel’s employees attitudes about the situation (they’re pro-nudity). Perhaps Thursday will grace us with an exhibitionist’s eye view of the situation?

We know sex sells–and that in these trying times for print, every sale matters–but really, doesn’t the Post have anything better to write about?

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