Chicago gets Carrotmobbed

Carrotmobbed? WTF?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Carrotmobbing is one of the newest forms of green activism. Rather than boycotting or protesting companies doing bad things, Carrotmobs offer (you guessed it) a “carrot” to businesses for doing the right thing. Local businesses commit to greening themselves in order to receive a mob of customers on a particular day and time. So far, the concept’s worked well in San Francisco, Kansas City, and Brooklyn.

Next up: Chicago. The Windy City branch of Carrotmob will hold its first “buycott” on Sunday, August 9th at the Fox & Obel Market downtown. While the businesses that get mobbed usually compete for the honor (usually by bidding on how much of the proceeds from the event they’ll spend on greening efforts), Carrotmob Chicago chose Fox & Obel because of it proximity to the weekend’s Academy of Management conference on “Green Management Matters.” The “mob-ee” has pledged 50% of the revenues generated from the event to increasing its own energy efficiency.

Live in Chicago, or going to be their this weekend? Join the mob! They’ll be at Fox & Obel from noon — 6pm on Sunday. You can have double impact by making a few extra purchases for the Greater Chicago Food Depository, which will be on hand to take donations.

Disclosure: While I’m not involved with Carrotmob at any level, I am a shareholder in Virgance, the company that owns and operates Carrotmob. Both Virgance and Carrotmob are for-profit ventures. You can find more information at the Carrotmob FAQ.