Books: The Impostor's Daughter: A True Memoir

Laurie Sandell’s graphic memoir, The Impostor’s Daughter, just hit bookstores, and even if she wasn’t our good friend, we’d still tell you that it’s our number one pick for a beach read this summer. (By the way, “graphic memoir” = graphic novel-style memoir. The rest of the book is not nearly as dirty as the page we excerpted above. What can we say, we’re smut peddlers.) Anyway, the book chronicles Laurie’s search for the truth about her charming and brilliant con artist father — and how her relationship with him affected everything from her career as a celebrity journalist to her love life. (Paging unavailable men!) It’s hilarious, engrossing, honest, and smart — plus, look at all those pictures! You’ll race through it even if the wind is blowing sand in your face.

Laurie has been drawing cartoons about her father since she was seven — she says it’s the only way she was able to be truly honest about and with him, hence her choice of this genre for the memoir. Plus, the drawings make the celebrity tidbits extra dishy (in her other life, Lauri profiles celebrities for Glamour magazine). Laurie is unflaggingly honest about what it means to be her father’s daughter, from her Ambien addiction to her experiment with stripping in Japan, from phone sex to rehab, from her ability to connect with celebrities to her search for true love.